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scene: lea & cory, cory’s house.

she knew that she had pushed this too hard. loved him too much, let herself go too fast. she wanted things between her and cory to be the way she thought he wanted them to be. but that’s where she was wrong. he wanted her, but not the way she wanted him. things were different now for them and lea really did wonder if she would ever have him back in her life. if not as her boyfriend or her lover, but just as her best friend. she missed him in every way possible and the more he pulled away from her, the more lea realized that she was never going to get that back. watching him with those girls, knowing that she was sharing him had been the wake up call. he was done with her and it didn’t matter that he came back to bed with her on some nights, he was moving on and he was just doing this to keep her happy. she needed to find someone to keep her happy. happy the way cory used to make her feel. maybe she was asking for too much, maybe she wasn’t asking for enough.

she put her sunglasses back on and closed her eyes as he said her name again. why did that one word have to sound so painful? like he was struggling to say it. she hated where they were at that point. taking a deep breath, she stepped back into the house and shut the door, dropping her bag and glasses on the floor as she leaned against the door and looked at him, waiting for him to speak. she knew that whatever came next, they’d have to deal with it because in a few months, they were going to be working together, pretending to be this happy in love high school couple, when clearly it was a one way street when it came to the two of them. shoving her hands in her pockets, lea shook her head and straightened up, “if we’re going to fight, cory, i don’t want to. i just want this to end on a semi-normal note, because it’s already hard enough getting through the day knowing that you’re off with someone else.” she dropped her eyes to the floor and dabbed at her eyes.

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scene: lea & cory, cory’s house.

like rachel berry, lea could cry on demand. she hadn’t really used that talent in real life because she knew exactly how cory felt about tears. well, she used it when she was younger, but now she just refused to. because it wasn’t fair. and it didn’t matter that it worked on cory, she could never do it. if anyone took one good look at her, they would know that she had spent the last how many every days or months or whatever, just crying. her eyes were puffy all the time and she never took her sunglasses off when she was outdoors and she made sure that no matter what, nobody other than her closest friends saw just how depressed she was. nodding as she chewed on her lip, lea glanced at him briefly, “yeah, i know.” it wasn’t like he was expecting her to say anything to that really, but she had to get something out.

lea shook her head as cory apologized and wiped her face properly before turning to look at him, “don’t apologize, cory, you have every right to be an ass or whatever.” she shrugged, tugging on her sleeves for lack of nothing better to do. she looked at her feet as she shuffled in place and then sighed heavily before looking up at him, “i shouldn’t have come, i should have tossed everything out and i should have just left things in a text message or something.” no matter how much she tried to keep the tears at bay, just looking at him and knowing that she couldn’t take those four steps and sink against him made everything so much worse. “i really should go, i can’t be here,” shaking her head, she tugged on the bottom of her shorts and hurried to the front door. he wasn’t going to stop her and that was fine. this was what they were now. their relationship? that was officially over now. and it didn’t matter that she would never stop loving him or that this was literally the end of the road for her. relationship wise anyway. 

sometimes you just can’t let go of the one person that you should.

3 years ago on 1 July 2011 @ 6:22pm

scene: lea & cory, cory’s house.

not her smartest move yet and still that didn’t stop her from just going ahead and making everything worse. she had pushed him so much right after their broke up simply because she just wanted to feel him again. have him make love to her like he used to, hold her and smile at her and tell her that she was beautiful. but none of that ever came. it was just sex. rough sex anywhere and everywhere they could find a space. lea knew cory well enough to know that being in the rehearsal room meant that he wanted to be alone. but she couldn’t stop herself. it was a serious problem. she knew that once she left his house, she would have to go for therapy. and it wasn’t going to be easy finding a therapist in los angeles who would keep their trap shut about her life. sure, the public had slight hints about cory and lea and their “relationship”, but they’d never talked about it. cory had ended things before it could get to that stage. and now she was dealing with the aftermath of not having him around all the time. maybe she did love him too much and that suffocated him. she didn’t think it was possible given how much he fought for her. but apparently loving anyone more than they asked you to was stupid. and maybe she loved him more than he ever loved her. that in itself was painful to think about. 

"i could have, but i just figured it was easier dropping it off," she wasn’t even looking at him anymore and she was still hovering in the space between the door and the frame, not wanting to step into his sanctum. she had only been in there once when he offered to show her how to play the drums and she had giggled through the whole thing, leading to some pretty crazy sex. but now she was just feeling awkward. shifting from foot to foot, lea shook her head, "sorry for just dropping in like this, but i did try calling and you didn’t pick up and i texted you, but got no response, so i called justin and he said you’d be at home, so i figured i’d just swing by and umm… yeah, i’m gonna go now."

lea wiped a tear that rolled down her cheek and nodded, clearing her throat, “since i won’t be coming back anymore, you can always just put it in the bird house. nobody ever finds things in bird houses.” she stepped away from the door as the tears let loose on her and took a deep breath, “anyway, i’ll let myself out. goodbye cory.” smiling, mostly to herself, lea tugged on the sleeve of her hoodie and wiped her tears as she walked to the kitchen and set the key on the counter. she paused to catch her breath and pressed her eyes shut before forcing herself to pull it together and started for the front door. this was it. she was done. he had been done with her a long time ago and she had taken so much longer to let go. from here on in, she was going to focus on herself. she felt like rachel berry, losing the love of her life to some other girl because she held on too tight. she was forever going to be rachel berry and that wasn’t going to change now. she knew that cory was right when he talked about how it was stupid to date someone you worked with. things always went wrong and you couldn’t fix it no matter how hard you tried. 

3 years ago on 1 July 2011 @ 5:18pm

scene: lea & cory, cory’s house.

what upset her most about all of this was that she had given up just about everything for cory, because he had waited for her for so long and now she felt like she was alone. she didn’t blame him for that, but it was the truth. he wanted to be with her and she gave him exactly what he wanted. and when she pushed for something more, because it wasn’t really healthy for them to sneak around as much as they did, he pulled away and lea was left alone. she wasn’t the moping kind of person, because she believed in living every day to it’s best. but now she was moping and she was miserable and when she did go out, her fake smiles took over and hurt her face to a point where she couldn’t take it anymore. with the glee tour over and time off before they started working on glee again, lea was left to her own devices. she spent most of her time in new york, believing that being apart from cory would be good for her. knowing that he lived only a few minutes away drove her insane, so she packed up her things and went home. it wasn’t any easier, because jonathan was always spending time with theo john and she couldn’t be anywhere near theo given how things had gone a year ago. and now that she wasn’t with cory anymore, she was sure that theo would rub that in her face. just adding salt to the wound.

she was back in la and slowly getting back into the groove of not having her mother there to pamper her, or cory still fast asleep in her bed and it wasn’t easy, but she was pushing through. she spent the first few days cleaning out her house, doing laundry, throwing out old food, restocking the fridge and getting rid of old clothes. it was like a soul cleansing spree. in the process, she gathered up all the things that cory had ever given her, along with the things that defined them as a couple. a mckinley high t-shirt that lea wore the first time they snuck onto set and used the auditorium to their advantage. a collection of wine corks that reminded her of the time when cory let her get completely drunk while he just sat there and laughed and teased her. ticket stubs from broadway shows, concerts and hockey games. the worst of it was the photographs that she had collected over the past few months. random pictures from tour, adorable pictures from when they were completely head over heels in love that they couldn’t keep their hands off of each other and pictures that other people took when the two of them weren’t looking. and then there were the little post-it notes with cute messages of love accompanied by cory’s awkward sketches. it was destroying her just staring at those things, but she knew that she had to do it. get rid of everything cory if she wanted to really let him go. because as she saw it, he had moved on just fine. he had a different girl on his arm every day and he seemed happy about it. if he could be happy without her, she could be happy without him.

lea drove to cory’s house, fully aware that she was being followed by the paparazzi. they had gotten wind of something gone wrong between the two of them and insisted on following them wherever they went. she had grown immune to the flashing lights and the stupid questions, but it still bothered her when they suddenly showed up out of nowhere. sighing heavily as she parked her car behind his, lea got out and pulled the large cardboard box of things from the back and walked up to the front door. she rang the bell  and waited for a few minutes before realizing that cory was probably locked up in the rehearsal room. finding the hidden key was easy, and she was sure that anybody could have broken into his house if they wanted to, and she let herself into the house. she called out to the empty place, hoping that either cory or one of his roommates would suddenly show up. no such luck. she left the box in the living room and walked to the rehearsal room, knocked on the door and pried it open a little just to stick her head in. “cory,” she gave him a small smile and held the hidden key up, “sorry for letting myself in, but i just wanted to let you know that i was back in la and that there’s a carton in the living room with some of your stuff. i was cleaning out my house and found a lot of your things…” a dry chuckle escaped her lips and she shrugged, “i’ll leave the key on the kitchen counter. and umm.. i’ll see you later.”

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where we are.


some of you may remember this rp from last year. it had a pretty big following but we got busy and we had to stop posting. now that life has calmed down for both of us, we’re back, and so here is what you need to know:

  • cory and lea were sneaking around last year while she was with theo. theo and lea had a publicity stunt relationship but she was sneaking around with cory. eventually she dumped him and cory and lea became an item.
  • cory and lea dated for a few months, but cory doesn’t like the idea of being tied down and being ‘official’. lea was pushing him to come clean about their relationship with everyone and cory got scared and broke things off.
  • they are still very much in love, even if cory doesn’t want to admit it, and there are still feelings there. lea keeps pushing them to get back together but cory is pretending like he’s fine and has been seen spending a lot of time with the girls of monte carlo and it’s really a toss up as to who he’s pinned as dating in a given week.
  • lea, meanwhile, has been single and pining the whole time. occasionally, she still convinces cory that it won’t be so bad if they hook up just one time, always for old time’s sake, but it’s really not doing either of them any good.
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re-starting this rp.

stay tuned for more.

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