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miss michele

scene: lea & cory, cory’s house.

not her smartest move yet and still that didn’t stop her from just going ahead and making everything worse. she had pushed him so much right after their broke up simply because she just wanted to feel him again. have him make love to her like he used to, hold her and smile at her and tell her that she was beautiful. but none of that ever came. it was just sex. rough sex anywhere and everywhere they could find a space. lea knew cory well enough to know that being in the rehearsal room meant that he wanted to be alone. but she couldn’t stop herself. it was a serious problem. she knew that once she left his house, she would have to go for therapy. and it wasn’t going to be easy finding a therapist in los angeles who would keep their trap shut about her life. sure, the public had slight hints about cory and lea and their “relationship”, but they’d never talked about it. cory had ended things before it could get to that stage. and now she was dealing with the aftermath of not having him around all the time. maybe she did love him too much and that suffocated him. she didn’t think it was possible given how much he fought for her. but apparently loving anyone more than they asked you to was stupid. and maybe she loved him more than he ever loved her. that in itself was painful to think about. 

"i could have, but i just figured it was easier dropping it off," she wasn’t even looking at him anymore and she was still hovering in the space between the door and the frame, not wanting to step into his sanctum. she had only been in there once when he offered to show her how to play the drums and she had giggled through the whole thing, leading to some pretty crazy sex. but now she was just feeling awkward. shifting from foot to foot, lea shook her head, "sorry for just dropping in like this, but i did try calling and you didn’t pick up and i texted you, but got no response, so i called justin and he said you’d be at home, so i figured i’d just swing by and umm… yeah, i’m gonna go now."

lea wiped a tear that rolled down her cheek and nodded, clearing her throat, “since i won’t be coming back anymore, you can always just put it in the bird house. nobody ever finds things in bird houses.” she stepped away from the door as the tears let loose on her and took a deep breath, “anyway, i’ll let myself out. goodbye cory.” smiling, mostly to herself, lea tugged on the sleeve of her hoodie and wiped her tears as she walked to the kitchen and set the key on the counter. she paused to catch her breath and pressed her eyes shut before forcing herself to pull it together and started for the front door. this was it. she was done. he had been done with her a long time ago and she had taken so much longer to let go. from here on in, she was going to focus on herself. she felt like rachel berry, losing the love of her life to some other girl because she held on too tight. she was forever going to be rachel berry and that wasn’t going to change now. she knew that cory was right when he talked about how it was stupid to date someone you worked with. things always went wrong and you couldn’t fix it no matter how hard you tried. 

3 years ago on 1 July 2011 @ 5:18pm